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the phone call ended in such a way...

...that i wasn't sure just what to say

23 February
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&I'm 17
&I stand at around 5'6"
&I'm pretty sure I weigh in somewhere between 115 and 120lbs, but I'm guessing- woo for high metabolism!
&Hair's naturally dishwater blonde, but it's taking its time in getting back there from the auburn I dyed it
&Green eyes! Probably the only thing I consider pretty about myself
&Low self-esteem. Could you tell? :D
&Favorite color = green!
&I normally have a pretty sweet disposition, and I make friends pretty easy
&My friends are the most amazing people in the entire world. Ever. The end. You cannot argue this with me, I promise you
&I love to meet new people
&I have the most bizarre knack for cheering people up. I can make you laugh, if you give me the chance, though I usually don't even try
&I could probably make a living out of being a retard
&Rain is probably my favorite kind of weather, and breezy sunny days battle it out like dogs with cool, muggy nights for a close second- I love love love to dance in the rain
&Singing is my ultimate passion, and one of the only things I feel I have talent at, and that's saying something... because I lack this thing people like to call an "ego"
&Ceramics is another passion of mine, which I think I'm gradually getting better at
&Photography too! I'm okay at it, but I don't go out and take pictures enough...
&I'm pretty much crazy in love with a particular someone... but I'll be devious and not say who

&I love shaking my foot when I sit. I can't help it
&I sometimes nod my head when I don't pay attention
&I love colouring on paper table cloths with crayons-- like at restaurants, you know? Or coloring those little kids' menus
&I love observing people and getting in trouble/ scolded(jokingly or seriously) for staring
&I love taking on your body language
&I love making you smile without moving your mouth

&I love pausing in the middle of a kiss and saying "Hi."

&I love knowing that you aren't really beautiful until I know you
&I love watching your hands, or your lips, or your brow, or your body in general move when I should be listening to you speak
&I love knowing I'm saying more when nothing's coming out of my mouth
&I love having a tight grip
&I love feeling your expressions change when your face is buried in my neck or my shoulder
&I love breathing in what you breathe out
&My body is a temple. Don't try to get inside me and then use it to claim sanctuary
&My hands can be chaotic. My ears can be brilliant. My eyes can taste. My lips can hear. My sexuality might make you melt. My honesty might make you freeze

I'm here to offend you; to make you uncomfortable.

At least... when I'm not trying to be your friend.

&If there's anything else you feel you need to know... ask!

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